MM & M Skill Sets Live: 5 Reassuringly Simple Ways to Up Your Content Marketing Game

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The room was packed. Extra chairs were wheeled in. Everyone listened intently, ready to glean some new ideas about content marketing in pharma. And with a speaker series of content marketing rock stars (see speaker names and full titles below)* at the March 6, 2014, MM&M Skill Sets Live, plenty of recommendations emerged.

What follows are 5 simple things you can start doing today to sharpen your content marketing output.

1. Dig into your content closet

If the notion of creating a consistent stream of content, week after week, makes you want to lie down, read on. As Pete Woodrow, Creative Director at Merck*, pointed out, “When marketers really look into it, they’re surprised by the amount of content they already have. A lot of it is used once and then put on the shelf.”

The mantra of content marketing is publish, repurpose, repeat. “One tent-pole piece can lead to literally 100 pieces of content,” said Alec Pollak, Director of UX and Content Marketing at JUICE.*

2. Craft irresistible headlines

7 Reassuring Ways, 5 Essential Steps, 3 Scrumptious Zucchini Recipes, who can resist? Certainly quality content is essential, but a gripping headline gets the engagement going. Use a numbered list and you’ve got must-read urgency.

3. Content marketing = trust marketing.

Showing someone “I’m there for you” goes a long way in human relationships. The same holds true in content marketing. Trust is at the core.

Give people the means to be more successful at their jobs and you’re showing that your best interests are aligned with theirs. And that builds trust. “You want your customers to say this makes me smarter, better able to do my job,” said Pete Woodrow.

4. Work the corporate brand

How many companies have you engaged with today through their content? The New York Times, Starbucks, Motley Fool? Corporate communications give us more latitude, allowing for greater conversation, and greater opportunities to establish a foundation of trust that your brand can then build on.

5. Crack the social media nut with good content

An anxious question: Is social media a necessary part of a successful content marketing effort?

An honest answer: You don’t have to be active in social media to be in the social space. Sharing is as social as commentating. If your content is good, it will be shared and you will be in the social sphere.

In reference to Merck’s MAVP pharmacists’ program, Lisa Sherwood, Associate Director at Merck,* said, “Pharmacists and other organizations are asking to use our content. We’re actually enabling them to feel like they are being helpful to their peers.”

New word alert!

Ownopoly. Did anyone else hear this? I heard it and liked it. In the case of content marketing I understood it to mean: the media you own, essentially your website and all the content distributed on your blog. Use it with gusto.

A question raised recently in Forbes and again at this conference: is content marketing a fad? If you have strong feelings on this, start the conversation here.

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*MM&M Skill Sets Live Agenda and Speakers:

Keynote: If Community is the Kingdom, Is Content Still King?
Speaker: Alison Woo, Director, Social Media, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Skills in 30: Think Like A Publisher
Speaker: Bill Meisle, SVP, Director of Customer Engagement, ICC Lowe

Skills in 30: This Baby Has No Shoes! Welcome to the Hemingway School of Content Marketing
Speaker: Will Reese, Chief Innovation Officer, Cadient Group

Skills in 30: Earning Their Trust—Content Marketing to Healthcare Professionals
Lisa Sherwood, Associate Director, Multichannel Communications and Channel Strategy, Global Vaccine Promotion, Merck & Co., Inc.
Peter A. Woodrow, Creative Director, Multichannel Marketing Creative Strategy Group, Merck & Co., Inc.
Alec Pollak, VP, Director of User Experience and Content Marketing, JUICE Pharma Worldwide
Colleen Katzman, EVP, Managing Director, JUICE Pharma Worldwide

Skill Sets Live on the MM&M Website

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