Pursuing Global Excellence: JUICE Global Network in Zurich

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Recently, representatives from JUICE Pharma Worldwide and its global network of independent agencies came together for our worldwide meeting in Zurich. This annual cornucopia of global insights, expertise, and collaboration never fails to enrich and enthuse us. When it’s over, we come home with ideas, connections, and understandings we can share with the rest of our agency, our partners in the JUICE Global Network, and our clients.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be posting more videos that showcase some of the global trends we learned about at this year’s meeting in Zurich. We’ll introduce you to some of our partners—from China, Mexico, Germany, and beyond. These are the people we collaborate with regularly on
behalf of our clients, and they have a lot to offer across all sectors of our business. When we’re all in one place together, the creative sparks fly and the strategic possibilities seem truly endless.

For JUICE, it’s part of our constant evolution as an independent agency. We purposefully place ourselves in circumstances where we’ll meet new people and have new experiences. We eagerly step out of our comfort zone—the opportunity to network with almost 100 independent agencies in
over 50 countries is well worth it for us and our clients.

We’re delighted to introduce our independent network and provide a peek at our partner agencies. Enjoy the video clip and stay tuned for more from Zurich.

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Lynn Macrone
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