All Roads Lead to Part 1

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All Roads Lead to Part 1JUICE recently attended the annual event called Dreamforce, a 4-day conference about the existing tools, third-party providers, case studies, and opportunities to enhance business.

Most of us have heard about in varying degrees like, “it is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool used by our sales reps” or, “it’s the system that is used to store our digital sales aid presentations and analytics.”

These are only tip of the iceberg of possibilities and platforms like are more than just tools to manage sales leads and presentations.

In this series of posts, we’ll look at and its ecosystem of technologies and solutions. These will enable us to create once—and distribute many with data. By data we mean information stored about customers, internal staff, managed lists used in daily operations, and anything else that our business could benefit from by using a centralized point of access. is a company with solutions and providers to help consolidate and increase accessibility to data with a universal set of directives.

Cloud-based data storage/management

  • Companies can eliminate the numerous silos of data that exist in many forms and places. They can manage all data in a single environment minimizing the overhead costs typically associated with multiple data management services.
  • Security was a frequently discussed topic at Dreamforce. has a HIPAA-compliant environment and maintains their levels of data security. They also provide a HIPAA Business Associates Agreement (BAA) to ensure a greater level of confidence to customers and legal teams.

Be proactive with data

  • Time-sensitive data loses its value in the long term. Pulling outdated reports for trends, anomalies, and user activity may lead to missed opportunities. supports logical triggers based on changes in data to help you recover those missed opportunities and even automate responses based on customizable algorithms.

Best-of-breed solutions are identified to create tighter partnerships and packaged solutions to address any set of needs

  • In addition to the sales/leads management tools: e-mail marketing, help desk services, community management, mobile app development, and analytics are some of the newest packaged solutions available. Having these integrated tools lower the reliance on third-party providers who often execute and analyze subsets of data.

Do it yourself…

  • There are graphical user interfaces to manage all data, that follow a common data architecture that is easily visualized and managed.
  • A highly technical administrator no longer separates marketing teams from their data. Now, a more marketing-focused (and less costly) administrator has the ability to manage, configure, and expand our data over time.
  • Developer tools to build mobile-friendly sites, and mobile apps use the same programming languages (HTML, JavaScript) we use today, and include the ability to incorporate functionality when communicating with data.

…Or, do it through a large community of solution providers

  • There are many emerging technology solution providers using as the common standard for data management.
  • Subsequently, this has created a sub-market of companies who focus on integration, training, and developing analytics packages that can bring information together.

In conclusion

It’s important to ask yourselves, “What is the urgency, and is this the right solution for me?” Making the upfront investment to merge all existing data is an arduous and costly process.

Doing research on available solutions, competitive products, capabilities, pricing models, and having an overall vision for your data will help in evaluating platforms, such as, in an objective way.

Here are some other considerations to think about when looking to consolidate data.

Is now is the time for my business to take action?

Technology is becoming such a large part of our daily work lives, so consider the need to operate more efficiently. We should consolidate the effort of managing different systems and databases that currently have multiple types of administrators to maintain and protect our information.

Everything is connected, and does that matter to me?

We are expanding our businesses to include solutions around CRM/marketing, social media, care coordination/wellness programs, and beyond. Having all your data in one place allows for cross-pollinating of information and powerful analytics without major technical rework.

Learn more about here, and stay tuned for more articles about our visit to Dreamforce.

We will discuss how to ramp up your existing services through the new packaged solutions like e-mail marketing, combined with journey-building tools. We will also cover case studies around coordinated care systems and other businesses in the health industry that have implemented solutions using

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