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It’s been quite a year of growth for JUICE, and now that includes expanding to the West Coast. With the opening of our San Francisco office, we’re ready to provide West Coast biotech and pharma agencies with the additional choice of an easily accessible, full-service global healthcare agency.

I had the chance to sit down with founding partner, Lynn Macrone, to discuss the details and the vision moving forward. Watch the video (or read the transcript below) to find out more about our unique new offices and our offerings.

And don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re ready to hear more about how we can help you, coast to coast.


Anne Davison: Hi. I’m Anne Davison and welcome back to A Shot of JUICE.  I’m here with founding partner, Lynn Macrone, to talk about our exciting venture on the West Coast.  So Lynn, what’s the vision for our San Francisco office?

Lynn Macrone:  You know Anne, right now there are so many advances that are happening on the West Coast with the pharma companies and biotechs that are there in terms of discoveries in oncology, in cardiology, in specialty diseases and rare disorders and these medications are going to change patients lives.  And our experience is really in alignment with what these clients are going to need to launch these products.

AD: Yes Lynn, I agree.  It’s so important for our West Coast clients, especially those in the biotech arena, where early stage commercialization is so important for us to have feet on the ground out on the West Coast so that we can help serve them better.

LM: Yes. It’s so true Anne, especially in this early stage for these pipeline products.  You know, a lot of times in phase 2, even in early phase 3, a client isn’t really thinking about bringing an agency on board but there are important initiatives and important concepts that clients can be thinking about as their beginning to prepare their product for launch. So we have honed some really effective workshops, initiatives, and processes that can help these client teams understand the vision for that product and get everyone on the same page so that they can have the best chance at success at launch.

AD: Yes Lynn. We would like to hear more about how we can help you.

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