So You Want to Be a Superhero?

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April 23rd was a special day here at JUICE with the return of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. It was an exciting and much anticipated day for all those involved.

The day began with our superheroes in training assembled into 3 age-appropriate teams, Jellyfish, Tiger, and JUICE “Crew,” followed by introductions to pharma advertising, an office tour, and a scavenger hunt.

Later on, our heroes stumbled upon our in-house studio and learned that art has stopping power with their very own superhero-themed photo shoot. However, the day was far from over and after a much needed lunch break to refuel, our heroes’ superpowers were summoned once again to create ads that could POW!

The life of a superhero in training may be hard, but has its perks. For their hard work, our heroes were treated to a magic show, face painting, and temporary tattoos to express their inner hero. Hard work does pay off!

The day ended on a sweet note with ice cream sundaes and a video chronicling the adventures of our heroes in training.

See our heroes in action!

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