SXSW 2014: Co-Parentology, How Tech is Empowering Parents

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There are many negative assumptions about media’s impact on our children. However, evidence shows that high quality content can actually help our children in many ways.

The question then becomes, how do we parent around technology?

The big complicated answer?  Parenting around technology isn’t ANY different than parenting around anything else.

In the session entitled Co-Parentology: How Tech is Empowering Parents, presenters included: Arvin Poole, Executive Director of Day With Daddy, Elizabeth Vandewater PhD, Associate Professor of The University of Texas School of Public Health, Francesco Cardoletti, Founder of, and Keree Brannen, VP of Marketing and Corporate Development at HNM Global Logistics. The speakers discussed how technology is being leveraged to better parenthood and how social media can actually have a positive impact on today’s children.

Control is an illusion! 
Parental monitoring is purely a function of how much your children will tell you. Kids use multiple sites to express their creativity and connect just like we do; there is no one site that kids are going to—and, if you make a list today of where you think they are going you will have to change it tomorrow.

3 Key Parenting Principles Haven’t Changed Over the Years: Talk. Control. Patrol. 
Establish trust early on by talking with your kids. Set age-appropriate boundaries, offer up options/solutions, ask questions, and check in.

The Facts Are Reassuring 

According to Pew Research:

  • Only 4% of kids have sent sex messages and only 12% have received a sex message.
  • 64% of female ‘tweens are active on social media.
  • Kids who are texting their friends the most are ACTUALLY the kids who are spending most of their time with their friends.


KEY TAKEAWAY: Leveraging social media is becoming exponentially more important as more people are turning to social sites for positive reinforcement about everything from fashion to healthy lifestyle choices.

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