SXSW 2014: Consumer Robots Everywhere, The Next Big Thing

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ALIZ-E project, Nao, human-robot interaction, Robot

ALIZ-E project, Nao, human-robot interaction, Robot

Is affordable personal robotics just around the corner? Will we all soon be doted on by our very own Rosie the Robot?

In the session, “Consumer Robots Everywhere, The Next Big Thing”, Dmitry Grishin, founder of the first-ever, robotics-focused venture capital fund, Grishin Robotics, and Bilal Zuberi, partner at Lux Capital, a bi-coastal, early-stage venture capital firm, discussed the viability of robots in the home.

According to Grishin and Zuberi, the first kinds of robotics we’ll see making their way to market will be highly specific robots designed to tackle a specific problem. These will likely take shape in the form of toys and educational robots for children.

Next will be robots that help with childcare and eldercare for remote monitoring and distributing and keeping track of medication. We can also expect to see robotics used in farming, specially equipped with smart hardware that is able to learn and amass intelligence that can then be used in iterative functional improvements over time.

Remember the amazingly advanced tricorder featured in StarTrek? Currently there are teams refining a 21st century tricorder. This once imagined hand-held device has the ability to read biometrics, visualize magnetic fields and temperatures, even aid in diagnosing illnesses.

Up until now, cost has kept robotics technology from being available to individuals. However, all the recent advances in software, hardware, sensors, and Artificial Intelligence are starting to make this extraordinary technology a reality for home use.

Google and Microsoft are employing robots. Amazon is promising delivery via Drones. So putting personal robots to work to help revolutionize healthcare in the very near future doesn’t seem so far-fetched. Stay tuned.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Technological advances are making personal robotics an affordable reality.

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