SXSW 2014: Go Home Marketing, You Are Drunk

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Marketers, you’re making a lot of noise. You’re bombarding us with all kinds of dizzying, dazzling content. But where’s the essential, straightforward information your customers need to understand your brand?

In her session, “Go Home Marketing, You Are Drunk”, Kristina Halvorson of Brain Traffic discussed the need to get the basics right before launching into a big new content marketing initiative.

Consider that Oreo’s famous Superbowl tweet was seen by only about 44,000 people. That’s just .008% of everyone on Twitter. And Ellen’s Oscars selfie that created real time magic for Samsung but was soon scandalized by Ellen tweeting from her iPhone backstage. Marketers like to get on board with the next big thing but unfortunately they sometimes forget the basics.

While I am a staunch advocate of Content Marketing, Kristina made some excellent points about the importance of core content strategy. As long as people need support and information about your products and services, it isn’t going away.

She called out some of the biggest names in Content Marketing, Coca-Cola and Red Bull, as examples of those who could learn a thing or two about core content strategy. Both companies have transformed their websites into content-rich destinations. But what if you want to get a job at Coca-Cola? What if your young child has just downed his first Red Bull and you want to know if there’s any danger? The sites bury the basics.

As with so many things, it’s all about balance: keeping focused on the core needs of our customers while balancing that with content that’s meant to build trust over time. It’s all possible. We just need to be hyperaware of the experiences we are creating as well as the essential experiences we may not be creating.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Basic product info is a vital part of any content marketing strategy.

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