SXSW 2014: The Secret Sauce of Real-Time Storytelling

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You may not remember the team who won last year’s Super Bowl, but you probably remember Oreo’s winning “dunking in the dark” real-time tweet during the power failure.

Most recently, Samsung won the Academy Awards with Ellen’s twitter-busting, star-studded selfie that was shared by millions.

What constitutes “real-time storytelling” and why is it relevant?

Allowing consumers to actively engage in the creation of an advertisement can help make a significant impact among social media.

In the session entitled The Secret Sauce of Real-Time Storytelling, presenters from the company Tool of North America, included: Dustin Callif, Managing Partner, Digital; Jason Nickel, Interactive Director/Technologist; and Jason Zada, Director. During this session, attendees got a behind-the-scenes look at Tool’s “Remote Control Tourist” project in Melbourne, Australia. This initiative consisted of 5 actors who were navigated throughout the city of Melbourne by the requests of millions of audience members among different social media platforms.

What makes this project a great example of smart real-time storytelling, is that Tool gave preferential treatment to audience members with high social influence in order to have this experience shared to the largest audience possible. This alone took a lot of planning, personnel, and programming to be successful. Tool created software to manage audience requests and analyzed the social influence of those members making the requests.

How can this concept be applied to healthcare?

In healthcare, we often turn to KOLs for their expertise and personal testimonials. Real-time storytelling gives us an opportunity to expand the role of KOLs by creating unique interactive experiences (at such events as conventions) that make them part of the story. In turn, with their influence, the KOLs have the potential to inspire and generate excitement among their many followers.

Adopting the concept of real-time storytelling could make a significant impact on healthcare marketing. However, wherever real-time storytelling takes us, we’ll have to be smart about leveraging the power of the influencer community.

TAKEAWAY: For highly interactive real-time storytelling, first fill requests from audience members with high social influence. 

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