SXSW 2014: Welcome to the Internet of Things

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The latest stream of wireless technologies proves that within the next few years information access will always be at our fingertips.

The days of sitting at a desk to access the Internet are long gone. With the variety of mobile technologies available, Alfred Lui, Chief Design Officer, Seer Labs, noted in his session, “Reorienting UX Design for the Internet of Things,” that information is now flowing beyond screens and onto information appliances, wearables, and sensors. Lui calls this the Internet of Things (IoT), in which all things have the ability to transfer data over a network—and with it, new opportunities create innovative, user-friendly experiences.

In terms of health and wellness, we can estimate that soon there will be more than 25 billion devices. (That’s more than the number of people in the world.) These devices will be connecting, collecting, and analyzing our personal data to detect even the smallest of changes in biochemistry or activity levels in our bodies. As a result, an intervention or a diagnosis may occur prior to us even experiencing a symptom!

It’s quite possible that these new technologies will lead to greater disease prevention and vastly healthier lives for all of us.

KEY TAKEAWAY: The Internet of Things may be the key to vastly healthier lives.

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