SXSW 2014: With Mobile Sensors, Quality of Life is Quantifiable

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What if mobile devices could monitor everything from your body chemistry to your risk of sun exposure? What if each of us had our own personal network of sensors that could track every aspect of our health in real time? Welcome to the very near future of wearable technology.

This illuminating session, "Penicillin 2.0: Sensor-Driven Health", featured Gadi Amit, founder and lead designer of NewDealDesign. He discussed some of the innovative and award-winning wearables and medical sensors he’s created over the years, including Fitbit (adult fitness), Sproutling (wearable baby monitor), and InsuLine InsuPad, and the impact sensor technology will have on our habits, our health, and the field of medicine.

Imagine a device that detects changes in your body long before you recognize them as symptoms. In the case of a heart attack or stroke this can mean the difference between life and death. Or the difference between surviving and living the kind of life you want to live after an event.

This type of data collection and monitoring opens up a whole new field of research in early intervention and prevention. It is poised to change the direction of pharma and the types of products we see on the horizon.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Sensory-driven devices will bring about the true realization of “the quantified self.”

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