The Annual TYWLS Works: JUICE and the Advertisers of Tomorrow

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Recently, students from the Young Women’s Leadership School (TYWLS) of Queens visited JUICE for a day of hands-on learning in pharmaceutical advertising.

Making this year the fifth consecutive year that JUICE hosts the young women of TYWLS.

What Is TYWLS?

The Young Women’s Leadership School focuses on providing inner city teen girls with quality preparatory education to assist in college admittance. Since 2001, The Young Women’s Leadership Network (YWLN) has helped more than 6,500 students enroll in college.

How did the students spend their TYWLS Works day at JUICE?

The girls started their day by meeting with the JUICE team, learning about pharma advertising, and the JUICE culture. They took part in an office tour and their very own photo shoot.

With the help of the art and production teams, photos were chosen to use in their mock ads promoting their school. The students were split into 2 groups and worked with the creative department to write and create their ads.

They began their creative exploration with a brainstorm, jotting down ideas and ensuring the core values of their school were included in their ad. The students had a chance to see firsthand how an ad is brought to life.

Why is it important for the girls to have this experience?

Firsthand experiences allow interaction among different groups of people and teaches these young women that working in teams doesn’t end in the classroom. TYWLS does a great job in providing them with the education they need for their college careers and this joint effort takes it even further.

I know from personal experience that events like these can make an impact on a young woman, by opening the door to something new. That’s why this event is a great and important community initiative.

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