The Making of ColorPunch

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If they tell you to dream big?do it in color.

Im in a forty-dollar cab to Brooklyn, Im two hours late, and I have no idea where Im going. Luckily when youre throwing paint in the face of an unimpressed mannequin, the writer doesnt really have to be timely, just there (dont tell Joan).

The ColorPunch idea started because three people thought it would be fun to make a mess. 40 boxes of Holi Festival colors, 1 Phantom high-speed camera, 2 serving spoons, 1 incredibly accurate air gun, the right arm of the most Zen AD you will ever meet, 43 white shirts, and hundreds of 8oz. red solo cups later, we were finding a lot of ways to make a mess.

First we shot the unimpressed mannequin in the head using an air gun. This proved problematic as she went bouncing across the warehouse floor. Next was the serving spoon catapult. Messy yes. Accurate, not even close. Finally, we settled on solo cups and Phil (Phil is rumored to have thrown a perfect game in t-ball). We were in business.

Enter live human models.

We instructed them to be stoic (not unimpressed) and to keep their eyes open. Most flinched. But then there was Craig. Craig didnt blink the entire 10-hour shoot, not once. Not even for the wonderful vegetarian lasagna that was served at lunch. Craig was a miracle.

After some of us had our turn being punched, after the colored dust cloud had settled, and after we spent an hour rigging small explosions of color, we went to the bar. Sure there were stares. ?We looked like something a rainbow threw up, but the beer the beer tasted like victory. Victory and awesome. And a touch of Holi colors.

To experience JUICE ColorPunch for yourself, visit the special ColorPunch interactive experience on our website.

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