TRENDSPOT: “A Better Measure: Health Engagement & higi Score”

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In this episode of JUICE TRENDSPOT, Roxana Bannach-Lin shares her learnings about how new health platform higi aims to engage consumers in improving their own well-being, as presented at SXSW 2013.

Higi is a comprehensive personal health tool that combines vital statistics (eg, weight, age, BMI) and wellness metrics (eg, social interaction, community involvement) to calculate an individual higi score. At higi kiosks located in neighborhood grocery stores and pharmacies, users can test their blood pressure and pulse and upload that data to their higi profile.

Following the principle that people’s behavior improves when they’re watched, higi allows users to post their information and view the scores of friends and family on a leaderboard. In this way, healthy competition helps improve health. But well-being is about more than the physical body—and higi scores take lifestyle choices and community involvement into account. The integration of body, lifestyle, and community is what sets higi apart from other wellness tools.

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This JUICE TRENDSPOT episode features: Roxana Bannach-Lin, EVP, Strategic Planning, Business Development of JUICE Pharma Worldwide

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SXSW Description: A better measure: Health engagement and higi score

Presenter: Khan Siddiqui, MD, CEO/CTO, higi

A significant part of the population wants to live and feel better. Unfortunately, most of them don’t know what better means and, more importantly, don’t want to put too much effort into being better. higi creates consumer health awareness through easy, interactive and rewarding activities that are accessible via retail kiosk, web and mobile. The higi Score is the key component in driving consumer engagement. This Future 15 session will focus on how higi is reimagining the way that consumers measure living and feeling better. The higi Score is powered by the user’s body, community and lifestyle – creating a common measurement to evaluate and track their quality of life and long-term health. The session will cover reaching the unmotivated consumer, creating engagement through the higi Score, and encouraging healthy behaviors and outcomes through gamification principles.

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