TRENDSPOT: SXSW “A Robot in Your Pocket: AI Powered Applications”

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In this episode of JUICE TRENDSPOT, Karin Locovare and Ben Putman discuss the future of “smarter” smartphones, made possible by advances in artificial intelligence and robotic technology, as presented at SXSW 2013.

Presenters Amit Kapur of Gravity and Jeff Bonforte of Xobni discussed how, with the latest technology, apps are able to learn our personal habits and even make important decisions for us.

Companies like Google and Zumobi have already created so-called “intelligent personal assistants” to help sort through all of this data for you. Google Now remembers the route you take to work and can alert you of traffic, while Zumobi can book a flight for you, using past data of whether you like
direct flights, aisle seats, or even JetBlue.

Putman says that we can apply this growing technology to healthcare by actually acting on quantified data, not just collecting it. Tools like FitBit and NikeFuel can lead us to even smarter devices that act as “check engine lights” for the human body, to keep us up-to-date on our health or to let us know it’s time to see a doctor.

The really amazing thing is that the algorithms we need to create these smart tools are already under way. Putman predicts that the next generation of software will essentially be robots.

TREND: Making smartphones smarter

This JUICE TRENDSPOT episode features: Ben Putman, VP, Emerging Technology and Media, and Karin Locovare, VP, Account Director, of JUICE Pharma Worldwide.

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SXSW Description:

Presenters: Amit Kapur, CEO of Gravity; Jeff Bonforte, CEO of Xobni.

Session Details: Through advances in artificial intelligence and data science, Web sites and apps are evolving. There is a new breed of “robot” applications focused entirely on working on our behalf. Search robots like Siri turn mobile devices into our personal assistants. Location apps like Foursquare, Radar, and Highlight alert us to interesting people and places around us. Customization tools get to know us based on the things we read about, listen to, and share, personalizing our online experience to bring the content we want to see on any website or app right to the top. While the tools of today allow us to work less, the robots of the future will eliminate much of the work in the first place. Come hear from a panel of experts that will talk about the robots of tomorrow. Imagine the applications in fields like education, health care, or personal finance. (Wouldn’t you love a robot that does your taxes?) As the Internet starts to work for us, it will enrich our lives in ways we can’t even imagine.


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