TRENDSPOT: SXSW “Leap Motion & the Disappearing User Interface”

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In this episode of JUICE TRENDSPOT, Alec Pollak and Bob Palmer offer perspectives on the LEAP Motion presented at SXSWi 2013 in Austin, Texas.

The Leap Motion Controller is a revolutionary new device that allows for a user to manipulate the digital world with, literally, the wave of your hand. With the help of Jessica Lessin, of The Wall Street Journal, the LEAP founders, David Holz and Michael Buckwald outlined their vision in a wonderful SXSW session where they made the key point that the idea is to remove the interface. By interface we’re talking about the Graphical User Interface (GUI), or the traditional hardware interfaces like mice or keyboards. These tools are meant to be bridges between the human and the computer but too often the abstracted input instead becomes a barrier. When you remove these constructs and allow users to just reach in and use their built-in interface (their hands), the experience is about the person and what they want to do, with no barriers.

The LEAP guys know that for mass adoption, the experience needs to be a genuinely better way of doing things. Gesture-based input already exists in the market, primarily for gameplay on Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony’s game boxes but LEAP has a different approach. Everyone in the space is focused on gestures. LEAP is not based on gestures, there’s no learning of any specific “sign-language.” LEAP is 100% focused on easy reach into the computer to grab and manipulate, sculpt etc. Essentially, they want to make interface disappear so that people forget they are interacting with a computer.

TREND: Gesture-based controls move into mainstream

This JUICE TRENDSPOT episode features:  Alec Pollak, VP, Director of User Experience and Robert Palmer, Managing Director, Digital Practice, of JUICE Pharma Worldwide

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SXSW Description: Leap Motion & the Disappearing User Interface

Presenters: David Holz, Co-Founder, Leap Motion; Michael Buckwald, CEO & Co-Founder, Leap Motion; Jessica Lessin, Senior Technology Reporter, The Wall Street Journal

Computing has made tremendous progress over the past two decades. However, to this day, users are presented a series of elements and choices for how to navigate a digital environment. This is predominantly driven by the need to interact with a physical object – be it a mouse, trackpad, keyboard, or glass panel – which in turn processes user inputs digitally to the computer. The ability to control our digital environments the same way we control our real environments is upon us. The physical tools that used to be the method of communication with our digital space have become limiting factors. We can remove them. And as a result, we can re-examine the legacy nature of the elements (menus, buttons, toolbars) we interact with in a digital space and ask: are they still necessary? At Leap Motion, we’re providing the platform and tools for developers to start answering those questions. We are excited to begin this journey together.


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