TRENDSPOT: SXSW “The Best Interface Is No Interface”

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In this episode of JUICE TRENDSPOT, Ted Shimizu and Ben Putman discuss how we need to move away from traditional digital user interfaces to achieve more natural and intuitive experiences.

Nowadays, screens are everywhere. It’s an interface that’s readily prevalent on many platforms, but unfortunately it seldom takes into consideration whether it brings real value to the end user. For instance, screens in cars with social media access are superfluous and essentially unusable when you are driving. Golden Krishna, designer for Samsung Design America, explains that although a lot of resources and effort are put into making these systems somewhat functional, they usually fall short
in their effectiveness.

A more successful and natural way of dealing with an interface is by not having a digital interface at all. Instead, by identifying true human needs, intuitive mechanisms can be explored, which in
turn, can be activated with natural inputs. A car company has undertaken such a venture by developing a simple but very useful method of opening the trunk of a car by waving your foot underneath the bumper. This is a real human need that is being addressed in a practical manner.

This trend can be applied to the pharmaceutical industry by looking into new technologies that use instinctive systems and then investigating how they could potentially be translated to genuinely affect user experience, such as in increasing patient adherence.

Trend: Screens give way to more intuitive and natural user interfaces

This JUICE TRENDSPOT episode features: Ted Shimizu, Senior Digital Producer and Ben Putman, VP, Emerging Technology & Media, of JUICE Pharma Worldwide

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SXSW Description: The best interface is no interface

Presenters: Golden Krishna, Designer, Samsung Design America

Many believe the future of design is in screens. They’re wrong. It’s time to kill the interface. Because when we think only in screens, we design based upon a model that is inherently unnatural, inhumane, and has diminishing returns. It requires a great deal of talent, money and time to make these systems somewhat usable, and after all that effort, the software can sadly, only improve with a complete overhaul.

This conversation will explore a better path: No UI. A design methodology that aims
to produce a radically simple technological future without digital interfaces. In its most sophisticated form, it centers around learning about individuals, continuously improves and becomes exponentially pertinent. Eliminating counterintuitive input mechanisms for natural inputs inverts the contemporary focus of software design to have computers adapt

for people, rather than people adapt for computers. The results can have a profound impact on our lives, and your design process.


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