TRENDSPOT: “The Next Frontier of Interactive: Smart Fashion”

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In this episode of JUICE TRENDSPOT, Karl Schempp, Alec Pollak, and Karin Locovare discuss bringing technology into clothing as presented at SXSW 2013.

Wearable technology is on its way to becoming mainstream, think Google Glass or Nike FuelBand. But for the most part, the experience is still disconnected and not so fashion forward. Presented by Artefact’s Jennifer Darmour, this session focused on how manufacturers, software developers, and
designers can work together to take wearable technology to the next level.

Darmour says the three must-haves for this trend are beauty, periphery, and meaning. Using these guideposts for creating technology in healthcare could lead to better adoption rates.

Imagine GPS shoes that can track a person’s activity. When it’s time to make a turn, the shoe in the direction of the turn would vibrate to alert the wearer. The Memento wearable camera takes images of you and your daily life and can remind you that you forgot to take a pill or that you haven’t exercised yet for the day.

Moving toward clothing and accessories that can actually capture information and look aesthetically pleasing will eliminate many barriers. And in the healthcare space, this could lead to better adherence and better outcomes.

TREND: Wearable technology integrates with our daily lives

This JUICE TRENDSPOT episode features: Karl Schempp, Associate Creative Director; Alec Pollak, VP Director of User Experience; and Karin Locovare, VP Account Director, of JUICE Pharma Worldwide.

SXSW Description: The Next Frontier of Interactive: Smart Fashion

Presenter: Jennifer Darmour, User Experience Designer of Artefact

Session Details: Google Glasses, Apple iPods on our wrist, the smartphone as your fitness coach – wearable technology is on the verge of becoming mainstream. It also has the potential to change our relationship to technology altogether by making it more discreetly and smartly integrated into our lifestyle. However, right now the experience is still disconnected and clunky. Artefact’s wearable technology and user experience expert Jennifer Darmour will discuss how an integrated ecosystem of hardware manufacturers, software and service providers and developers, designers and fashion experts can work together to deliver on the potential of wearable technology. She will highlight specific opportunities, emerging trends and business models that will allow wearable technology to become the next area for growth of the technology industry.

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