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DreamVendor is a 3D printing vending machine currently available to Virginia Tech students to fabricate prototypes for their design projects. It is a vending machine with an infinite inventory you insert a USB stick with your object’s design on it, and DreamVendor creates it through 3D printing right in front of you.

DreamVendor has many relevant applications, and one of the most exciting is in healthcare. The machine will make many expensive medical parts, such as an artificial hip joint, easier to access and obtain.

Thats why we are nominating DreamVendor for Best Use of Social Media or User Generated Content. Stay tuned to JUICE Viewpoints for more GameChanger innovation and ideas.


MEGAN MALONE: Virginia Tech’s Design, Research and Education for Additive Manufacturing Systems program, also known as DREAMS, is revolutionizing the idea of user-generated content. This program has created the world’s first 3D printing vending machine, appropriately called the DreamVendor.

How does DreamVendor work? You simply insert a USB stick containing a digital model of the object needed, and DreamVendor will print the part, texting you when it’s ready.

DreamVendor has the potential to revolutionize healthcare with its nearly infinite inventory. It has the capability to print cell scaffolds and small prostheses, to name a few medical applications. Instead of waiting for these prototypes to arrive by mail, a designer can print them quickly and conveniently.

DreamVendor is currently only available to students on Virginia Tech’s campus but there are plans to expand to other locations. Just imagine the value of this machine in a hospital or research facility. I nominate DreamVendor for Best Use of User-Generated Content for this year’s GameChanger Awards.

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