What Do the New Apple Products Mean for Healthcare?

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Apple made a slew of new product announcements today, and as we watched we thought about what these new technologies might mean for healthcare. Here are a few first impressions.

Apple Watch watchOS 2

Apple Watch watchOS 2 is coming soon, but seeing the new applications by AirStrip ONE that allow for scenarios like a doctor seeing her patient’s vital statistics display in real time on her Apple Watch (all in a HIPAA-compliant package) is certainly something new. Plenty of opportunities for extending the experiences we create onto the wrists of our patients, customers, and sales teams. And speaking of sales teams…

12.9-inch iPad Pro

As existing hardware ages, the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro stands to replace the current crop of iPads in the hands of pharma sales reps. That means a significant increase in screen real estate and a lot more room to initiate and maintain a significant engagement. With the new powerhouse A9X chip and mad graphics processing chops that the iPad Pro sports, the types of engagements that we can create will take us places we haven’t been able to go before, like the fully interactive, real-time 3D animations demonstrated by 3D4Medical. Add to that, the Apple Pencil, a fine-point stylus, integrates into the iPad hardware family in ways that no third-party manufacturer has ever been able to offer before. That means plenty of new opportunities for precision interaction.

3D Touch on the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus

The latest dimensions in user interface introduced by 3D Touch on the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus offer heretofore unseen ways for users to interact with information, entertainment, and with each other. Every app that we have produced and that we’ll create in the future deserves to be considered as a possible candidate for “peek and pop” interactions. I immediately thought of an innovative healthcare tracking app JUICE developed and how users would benefit from the new Quick Actions shortcut right from their home screen.

new Apple TV

And finally, at long last, apps have come to the new Apple TV. Thanks to Apple’s AirPlay technology, we’ve been able to stream apps from our iPhones/iPads/iPods/Macs for a while now. But native Apple TV apps mean that we can now offer a new kind of health experience right in the living room. Just like Gilt Groupe demonstrated with their beautifully focused, high-impact shopping app, it is possible to give new life to experiences when introducing them through this giant-sized canvas that sits at the center of many homes. Think about family health dashboards, environmental allergy alert screens, games that educate, medication reminder apps that integrate adherence with entertainment and—perhaps best of all—think about notifications that seamlessly integrate all of these experiences with the hours spent in front of the TV.

Apple has opened up a whole new world of opportunities as these new devices and technologies make their way into millions of homes over the next few months. Will you be ready with innovative ideas for healthcare engagements that make use of all the new technologies at our disposal?

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