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The Westworld installation was one of the most sought after experiences at SXSW. In this video I explore the takeaways from this experience that can be applied to future Pharma events so that they too can be one of the most sought after experiences at future conferences.


JENN LASH:  Howdy, I’m Jenn Lash and I am the Associate Director of User Experience at JUICE Pharma, and I’m here to answer the question what experience from the South by Southwest installation of Westworld can be applied to pharma?

Going into the Westworld experience, I questioned whether or not it would even be applicable to anything in pharma, but I ended up taking away a lot.  By the use of personalized experiences and immersion, I walked away feeling a deeper connection to that brand, and that is definitely something that can be improved upon in the pharma space.

So my main takeaway from this experience is how they were able to personalize each attendee’s experience.  When I first arrived, they asked me to choose a side and they were giving me — they gave me a hat based on the choice.  You could see which side I chose by the hat that I’m wearing.

But then once we got to town, we were told to stop by the post office and ask if we have any mail.  There I found a letter addressed to me and a letter that hints towards an Easter egg hidden somewhere in town.  There were different letters for each participant and they were all out on their own mission.  However, if you really want to understand the full story, you still have to interact with the actors and the other participants.  And by engaging in such a personalized way, it was able to be — captivate the participants, allowing them to really feel like they were part of the solution.

For pharma, if we could create enough buzz before a conference or an event and have people sign up ahead of time, we can also personalize an experience to them so they can walk away feeling a deeper connection to the brand.

So there was one more thing about this par–this particular experience that I want to highlight, and that was their partnership with Lyft.  They created a secret code that you could use and this was a very sought-after experience.  Most people couldn’t get in, but if you were able to get the code, then a Lyft car would come and pick you up and take you away to Westworld.  This was a great way to engage people at the South by — by Southwest conference that didn’t know about the experience ahead of time.

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