3 Rock-Solid Tips for Boosting Your Creativity

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We all know the value of innovation fairs, emerging technology conferences, and marketing congresses to keep us on top of essential trends. But what about an event dedicated to the very heart of advertising—the Big Idea?

I recently attended the 99u Conference, a unique event that is all about dreaming big and doing big. Designers, writers, entrepreneurs, inventors of all sorts came to NYC from as far off as Portugal, England, and Tokyo to share their ideas and gain tips on how to make their ideas happen.

So what can we on the marketing and advertising side of things learn from these artists, blue-sky thinkers, star-gazers? Plenty. Let’s start with 3. Here are 3 rock-solid tips for boosting your creativity.

  1. Embrace uncertainty. Arriving somewhere new starts with getting lost. As part of creative development and evolution, we need to allow ourselves the chance to stumble upon things we didn’t plan for. And feel comfortable with ambiguity along the way. While processes, checkpoints, and deadlines keep us accountable and keep ideas moving along, the unplanned for is often where the truly great idea lives.
  2. Creative = Risk. If there is no risk, is it truly creative? Standing out from the crowd demands doing something different. We’re constantly looking for innovation, but often we want innovation to come with a case study and a guaranteed ROI. Take a chance and summon the bravery to see something different and do something that’s never been done before.
  3. Take a stance. Stand for something bold. No one ever stood out trying to please everyone. Will you have the guts to dismiss those who don’t like what you’re communicating and focus on those who do like your thinking? If yes, then you may be in for the ultimate reward. The deep loyalty of customers who “get” you, who get your big idea, will in turn become powerful advocates for your brand.

I will leave you with a quote from one of the top-notch creative thinkers at JUICE, Gary Levitan:

“No matter how digital and content marketing and social media and new technologies flourish and converge, nothing will ever replace the supremacy of an idea. All of that other “stuff” exists in service of an idea.”



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